Educator Debt Cancellation Caucus

Nearly half of all educators took out student loans to pay for college, and they still owe $58,700, on average.

– NEA Research

Since 2012 Debt Collective, the nation’s first debtors’ union, has been organizing for debt abolition of all types. And we’ve won billions of dollars in cancellation. Now, we are asking you to join us in the fight to abolish all education debt types. Join the union!

Alone our debts are a burden, but together they give us power!

Educators across the country, we welcome you to the union.

Caucus Opportunities

Attend monthly zoom meetings of K-12 educators to talk about debt cancellation

  • Receive a quarterly newsletter that highlights K-12 debt issues and efforts to abolish K-12 debts
  • Have access to all of Debt Collective’s cancellation tools, newsletters, and resources
  • Attend for no cost our biannual K-12 debt conference held in Philadelphia
  • Discount code to subscribe to Rethinking Schools