Our Team

The Debt Collective’s core team is a mix of staff, volunteers, and advisors that coordinate nationally to advance our work. Local branches are primarily run by members.

Sparky Abraham

Legal Strategist

Hannah Appel


Dr. Shamell Bell

Visionary Escalator

Frederick Bell Jr.

Programs and Operations Manager

Dr. Jalil Bishop

Debt Researcher and Organizer

Braxton Brewington

Press Secretary

Dr. Richelle Brooks

Student and Medical Debt Organizer

Lee Ann Cameron

Dispute Coordinator

Maddy Clifford

Creative Media Strategist

Manuel Galindo

Carceral Debt Organizer

Thomas Gokey

Case Worker & Policy Director

Laura Hanna


Luke Herrine


Paul Lanctot

Full-stack Developer

Jacques Laroche

IT Projects Manager

Ann Larson


Tiffany Dena Loftin

Higher Ed Campaign Lead

Nick Marcil

Higher Education and Branch Organizer

René Christian Moya

Tenant Power Organizer

Lindsey Muniak

Medical Debt Organizer

Andrew Ross


Astra Taylor


Jennifer Veguilla-Lezan

Art and Design Manager

Jason Wozniak

Higher Ed Researcher and Organizer

Eleni Schirmer

Organizer and Higher Ed Researcher