The Debt Collective have various working groups or affinity groups which have organically started to discuss various intersecting issues directly related to debt. These groups have taken different approaches, structure, and time in order to bring debtors together and take action.

Disabled Debtors Cohort

We are a core group of disabled organizers who have experienced the frustrations, bewilderment, and exhaustion of navigating debt and disability systems all over the US. We are creating spaces where people can come together for peer support and to explore and unravel the connections between debt and disability. We will share our experiences of debt with one another free of judgment, connecting with people in the same situation, conducting teach-ins, and introducing people to under-advertised programs. Join us in solidarity as we begin to explore our abilities to change our collective situation through coordinated action to command attention, and mount the type of public pressure that is vital for real systemic change and transformation.

We The Liberated People of The Debt Collective Theatre Troupe

This troupe uses theatre activism as an artistic practice that inspires an envisioning of a debt-free world where basic needs are met, fosters creative collaboration into implementable legislation, and invites a space for healing from the guilt and shame associated with the burden of debt.

Media Art & Design

The Debt Collective has always used art as a way to politicize people. The media art and design workgroup is a virtual working group of diverse creative debtors from all over the country. We are dedicated to supporting the debt collective’s visual and digital marketing needs for online and in person interactive events and actions.

Educator Debt Cancellation Caucus

Since 2012 Debt Collective, the nation’s first debtors’ union, has been organizing for debt abolition of all types. And we’ve won billions of dollars in cancellation. Now, we are asking you to join us in the fight to abolish all education debt types.

Alone our debts are a burden, but together they give us power!

Educators across the country, we welcome you to the union.