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We win when we’re united. Join a growing union of debtors organizing to abolish debts and build financial and political power.

We also offer a zero-dollar membership option for those who can’t contribute dues right now.
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Protestors walking proudly with a banner reading: "You are not a loan"

How does a debtors’ union work?

In a workplace, workers come together to defend and fight for their interests against greedy bosses and owners. Similarly, debtors need a union to defend our interests. We use our collective power to fight for better conditions in our financial lives and a more equitable society: the renegotiation and abolition of debts, access to publicly-funded goods (education, healthcare, housing, etc), anti-racist economic policies, and much more.

Why join a union made up of debtors?

Change cannot happen individually. Joining your union brings you into a community of debtors, ensuring your voice is heard in our campaigns and strategies. It also gets you access to trainings that help you to fight and cancel debt for yourself and others. This includes our community forum, our debt dispute tools, debt clinics, and a series of educational and training resources. 

By being a member, you can also join a working group or committee, get involved in or start a local branch, provide greater input into our overall strategy and vision, and help lead your union.

By joining your union, you are advancing and strengthening the movement. You are also agreeing to uphold our values and principles. Please read those before signing up!

Why pay dues?

Our goal is to be a dues-funded union to ensure that we remain politically independent, accountable to our members, and able to fight for one another and our communities for the long haul. But, we also understand that not everyone can afford dues, which is why we also offer unpaid membership, so that all debtors are able to be part of their union.