Debtors and our allies are uniting together to fight for a better future. As a new type of union, we’re building, changing and rebuilding different structures for all of us to be part of making decisions and supporting our union growing and exercising power into the future.

As part of the Debt Collective, you can be part of strategizing, brainstorming and winning by:

Joining the Debt Collective as a member.

Members have access to our tools, calls and events, and uphold our shared values and principles. Members are surveyed quarterly through our member survey to get more info from members on priorities, campaigns, areas and actions. Members can also provide input on campaigns and strategies in campaign calls, the community forum, and in jubilee schools, so be sure to keep an eye on our community calendar and forum for ways to be more connected.

Once you’re a member, you can shape your participation by:

Being part of or starting a branch.

Branches are locally based and focused on building local connection, community and bases. They mobilize and take action around national campaigns, which are strategized and recommended by our national committees. On a local level, guided by our shared values and principles, branches develop their own decision making structures and processes for how they function, what they do, and how they’re building power. They can also run local campaigns on different debt types and get support from our central team.

Joining our national committees.

National committees are made up of Debt Collective members from across the country thinking about specific debt types and strategies to transform our debt and structures that cause those debts. They come up with visions and input to shape campaigns from their local communities and member surveys, and they collaborate with staff, branches and working groups to roll out ideas. 

Using your skills as part of a working group.

Working groups are national, skill-based groups made up of Debt Collective members who use their talents to support our campaigns, actions and branches. They support the development and execution of ideas from our committees, branches and members and are supported by staff.

All campaigns, strategies and ideas are bottom-lined by Debt Collective staff who provide ongoing support, resources and ideas so we can win. Learn more about the people who are doing the work daily.