Our Financials

The Debt Collective is fiscally sponsored by the Sustainable Markets Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Although our goal is to be a dues-funded union to ensure that we remain politically independent, accountable to our members, and able to fight for one another and our communities for the long haul, the reality is that our current finances come predominantly from foundations and individual grants applied for and secured by our Founders and Executive Directors. 

This is because the majority of people we are organizing cannot afford dues or donations. Right now, less than 4% of our total budget comes from dues. But, it’s also hard to be an anti-capitalist organization asking foundations and funders for money! So, if you can, donate or join today. Every penny of donations and dues go to building debtor power. This includes:

  • Hiring central staff to support our growing network of campaigns, tools, and committees
  • Paying for technology and backend systems, like our community forum, membership portal, debt dispute tools, and website
  • Supporting on the ground organizing: local events, weeks of actions and reimbursements for branches 

If you are interested in helping us move from being funded mostly by grants, please or become a member here.

If you are a branch seeking reimbursements or costs for a local event, please follow the process outlined in the branch guide.