F*ck the courts.

Cancel the damn debt already. 

Tell President Biden to cancel student debt immediately.

With a flick of the pen, Biden could STILL issue an executive order to cancel student debt. Like he promised he would do. Like he has the power to do. All he has to do is sign this little piece of paper.

In August, Biden announced a plan to cancel $10K-20K of student debt for debtors who earn less than $125K per year. But instead of automatically canceling debt for everyone, Biden forced people to apply for relief. In the two months between Biden’s announcement and the application roll-out, several  right-wing groups filed lawsuits, which now threaten to block the program altogether.

Biden STILL has the power to cancel student debt with the mere flick of a pen using an executive order* – despite right-wing attempts to block cancellation in the courts.

*Find out more about this legal authority.