B**** Better Have Our Money 

We know Biden can cancel our student debt. We’re demanding that he does.

Cancelling student debt is not just totally legal – it’s urgently necessary. The Department of Education has full authority to cancel student debt under the 1965 Higher Education Act, which grants the Department of Education the power to “compromise, waive, settle or release” all federal student debt. This online form demands the Department of Education to use that power. Filling out this form creates an individual demand letter, tailored to your own student debt story, calling on the Department of Education to use its powers to cancel not just your debt, but everyone’s.

Here’s how it works: 

  • You answer some basic questions about your student debt.
  • Based on your answers, we’ve created legal language to assert why your loans are BS and should be canceled. Those answers will generate a demand letter. 
  • When you’ve completed all the questions, the form will get sent automatically to key officials with the power to act at the Department of Education.

When you’ve completed, pass the link on to your friends, family, colleagues, pick-up soccer league, book club, fantasy football league, everyone. We want to overwhelm the DOE with responses, and we need your help.

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