Winning the Fair Share Amendment: Taxing the Rich to Fight Austerity and Debt


SPEAKER: Max Page,
Shanique Spalding,
Jenn Kauffman,
Ian Rhodewalt featuring: Max Page, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association,Shanique Spalding, Executive Director of MA Voter Table, statewide BIPOC communities coordinator for the Fair Share Amendment campaignJenn Kauffman, Chief of Staff, State Revenue AllianceIan Rhodewalt, Field Organizer for the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, Western Massachusetts Regional Organizer for the Fair Share Amendment campaign Join […]

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The Ends of Freedom: Reclaiming America’s Lost Promise of Economic Rights


SPEAKER: Mark Paul

Since the Founding, Americans have debated the true meaning of freedom. For some, freedom meant the provision of life’s necessities, those basic conditions for the “pursuit of happiness.” For others, freedom meant the civil and political rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and unfettered access to the marketplace—nothing more. Yet building meaningful freedom—freedom that […]

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