UPMC & What’s Wrong With Healthcare

UPMC is buying up hospitals and health systems across Pennsylvania and pocketing the profits. Their near-monopoly across much of Western & Central PA has allowed them to raise healthcare costs while cutting services, squeezing patients and workers and driving people into debt — and their power is growing.

UPMC’s practices are charting a dangerous course in American healthcare, and health systems across the country are looking to them to see just how much they can get away with. Enough is enough: we can’t let corporate behemoths take control over our health, our jobs, and our lives.

Medical debt and hospital consolidation don’t exist in a vacuum — they are symptoms of our predatory, profit-driven healthcare system.

We don’t need massive corporations that see dollar signs when they hear the word “sick”. We need a healthcare system that’s public, universal, and good for its patients and workers. That’s why we’re building a campaign to fight back against UPMC and tackle these problems at their roots. Join us for a virtual call on Wednesday, April 17th to get involved!

Can’t join this call but want to stay in the loop? Reach out to Margaret at margaret@debtcollective.org.

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