Medical Debt & Healthcare Survey

Struggling with medical debt or outrageous healthcare costs? You’re not alone. More than 100 million Americans are in the same boat, and it’s because of a profit-obsessed healthcare system that should make us all mad as hell.

We’re ramping up the fight to abolish medical debt and guarantee healthcare for all – but to win, we’ll need a movement. Spending a few minutes with this survey builds our understanding of how to organize together, and your response helps whether or not you have medical debt personally.

This survey includes some optional questions about your race, gender, sexual orientation, and age. You can take the survey even if you wish to leave these questions blank.

Rent Debt Questionnaire 2023

If you owe unpaid rent to your landlord, you’re in the right place! And, you are not alone! Tenants across the country owe landlords billions of dollars in back rent, and as tenants we are stronger if we respond to this situation together. This tool will share what we know about the current COVID-19 rental debt crisis, ask you questions about your situation, and share resources that can help. At this stage, we’re very much learning together. Fill out this form to help us better understand what’s going on with your rental debt so we can organize together to fight it.

Note: we ask several optional questions about race, gender, and sexuality because often the most marginalized among us are the worst affected by things like rent debt. Answering these questions helps us understand who is affected and how, and helps us identify prejudice and discrimination.