Fund Education Not Genocide: Join us for a National Action in Washington DC on May 22, 2024

Fund Education, Not Genocide

Join us in Washington D.C. on May 22nd

We are calling on the President to use his executive powers to liberate student debtors, not accelerate war. 

The President of the United States holds great power. Pres. Biden has used his authority to send billions of dollars of weapons to Israel, a nation that international courts have charged with waging a genocide against Palestinians. Israel’s military offensive has cost at least 34,000 lives in less than a year.

And yet, when it comes to relieving 45 million Americans of crushing student debt—an action that would not cost the federal government a dime but would actually boost the economy for everyone—President Biden has held back. Although has used his executive authority swiftly and with conviction to approve millions of dollars emergency weapons sales to Israel, he refused to take bold, urgent action to cancel ALL student debt. 

Instead, Biden has slow-walked student debt cancellation through bureaucratic rule making processes, scattering drops of relief here and there along the way. One in ten debtors have had their debts canceled; nine in ten are still waiting. 

With a flick of a pen, President Biden could cancel ALL student debt. Why the delay? 

We are – once again – calling on President Biden to use his powers to liberate millions of Americans from ballooning student debt and to put us on a pathway toward free, reparative public higher education for all. We need universities that liberate students, not institutions that chain them in debt or arrest them for engaging in democratic protest.

We demand the President to use his executive powers to cancel ALL student debt, and to do so with intensity, speed, and moral conviction –  not to use those powers to authorize Israel’s destruction of Palestine. 

Invest in education, divest from genocide.

National Action Co-Sponsors Include:

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