Debt Collective’s Jubilee Pop Up!

Join our Debt Collective organizers on Sunday, October 8th at Leimert Park in Los Angeles as we celebrate our first Jubilee Pop Up event! Our jubilations last from 12pm to 4pm and will feature assistance navigating our mutual aid tool, family friendly activities, free food, and a portrait pop-up. Leimert Park is located at 4395 Leimert Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008.

Who is Debt Collective?

We are a debtors’ union fighting to cancel debts and defend millions of households. Join us to build a world where college is publicly funded, healthcare is universal, reparations are paid, and housing is guaranteed for all.

What Resources Are Available?

Tenant Power Toolkit

The Tenant Power Toolkit is an online legal mutual aid tool that allows tenants in California to fight their evictions. It helps tenants prepare paperwork to respond to a legal eviction case against them, and connects them with legal and organizing support. This toolkit also helps to keep people in their homes, fight evictions, fight rent debt, and build the collective power of tenants. We will have staff onsite to provide more information on our tool and assist tenants in completing the forms. Check out the tool here!

Student Debt Release Tool

Cancelling student debt is not just totally legal – it’s urgently necessary. The Department of Education has full authority to cancel student debt under the 1965 Higher Education Act, which grants the Department of Education the power to “compromise, waive, settle or release” all federal student debt. This online form demands the Department of Education to use that power. Filling out this form creates an individual demand letter, tailored to your own student debt story, calling on the Department of Education to use its powers to cancel not just your debt, but everyone’s. Get started on your form here!

Kids Activities, Food, & a Portrait Pop Up!

What Should I Bring?

Your family, friends, a personal story, and an empty stomach.

Leimert Park
4395 Leimert Blvd
Los Angeles